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Hey, thanks for stumbling into my kitchen! Wish I could serve you up some Skor chocolate chip cookies as we chat about favourite foods and recipes. I write about the things I love to talk about: worthwhile meal ideas and restaurants. Linh’s Kitchen started posting in January 2012 and operates out of Calgary/Alberta, Canada.

This food blog serves three main purposes:
(1) Learn how to cook Vietnamese dishes – a new recipe every two weeks
(2) Share easy and approachable home cooked meal ideas from around the world
(3) Document dining experiences in Calgary (to date, great ones have been few)

Quick, healthy and different are the winning elements of an attractive recipe here. Some of them have already been reported to make friends renounce lifelong hate for certain vegetables.  Check out the recipes section now if you’re up for trying something new!

In the Recipes section, you’ll find:

  • Vietnamese and Asian influenced cuisine
  • Favourite Western and international dishes (we adore curries!)
  • Healthy and quick dishes, which can be made on the weeknights after work
  • Vietnamese cooking adventures for the weekend
  • A few indulgent comfort foods

In the Dining Out section, you’ll find:

  • Restaurant reviews, mostly Calgary*

*I’m a pretty positive person but I must admit that dining out in Calgary has turned out to be a Restaurant Russian Roulette: a potentially lethal game chance.

About Us

Hey, it's Linh!

Food and family were the pillars of my life growing up in a first generation immigrant family. My mom as the best Vietnamese cook around helped with this establishment. When I started cooking in my teens, I focused on expanding my knowledge of Western and international dishes to compliment the delicious home cooked Vietnamese meals. The shortcoming of this (could there be one)? I neglected to learn how to cook the food of my own culture. This blog aims to capture my endeavor of getting back to my roots through cooking and to share other exotic meal ideas.

In 2010, a great job (and man – see below) took me away from the mild climate and foodie paradise of Vancouver to the notoriously unpredictable weather patterns and fewer food options of Calgary. As a result, I became quite the chef hobbyist. It wasn’t long before someone asked why I never cooked Vietnamese food. As I write this (October 2011), I know how to prepare about three dishes.

When away from the kitchen, I work as an Ergonomist / Human Factors Specialist in the health care industry. You can bring out my dorkiness and passion with the mention of usability testing for products, jobs, websites and software. Other roles include physical activity enthusiast, book / music / film lover and last but not least, endearingly awkward girlfriend.Hey, it's Andrew!

Andrew is a contributing editor, sous chef and infrequent photographer here, plus full time computer scientist. He is credited for his unyielding belief in me, repertoire of life changing music and authors and last but not least, giving me a thorough education in the merits of 80s Sci-fi action movies.

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